After 5 Years of Negotiations, IAM Requests “Proffer of Arbitration” from NMB for ExpressJet Flight Attendants 

The IAM requested that the NMB issue a proffer of arbitration in its flight attendant negotiations with ExpressJet.  This request occurs more than five years after negotiations began for a first contract for the 2,100+ flight attendants at the combined ExpressJet and ASA.  Under the Railway Labor Act, the NMB decides whether to issue such a proffer and it does so only when it determines that further mediation would be unsuccessful.  If the NMB issues a proffer and both sides agree to arbitration, a neutral arbitrator establishes the terms of the contract and there is no employee ratification vote.  If the NMB issues a proffer and either the union or the employer declines the offer of arbitration, then a 30-day cooling off period starts, during which negotiations continue.   If no settlement is reached at that point, the parties can engage in “self-help” unless the President of the United States establishes a Presidential Emergency Board.  For more information on the process and next steps click here.

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