Boeing Workers Overwhelmingly Reject IAM

On February 15, Boeing workers in South Carolina overwhelmingly rejected the IAM – 94% of the approximately 3,000 eligible employees participated in the vote and 74% voted no.

This was the second attempt by the IAM to represent these workers. In 2015, the IAM petitioned for a vote but withdrew their request before the start of the election.  Also in 2015, the IAM filed for an election to represent Delta flight attendants, but withdrew their application when the NMB found that “some unknown person or persons knowingly submitted authorization cards with fraudulent signatures in possible violation of federal law” and handed the matter to the Department of Justice for review.  The IAM previously represented five work groups at Northwest- all five workgroups of the combined airline rejected IAM representation.

As a result of the loss the IAM will have to wait at least one year before it can petition for another election at Boeing South Carolina.

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