I came to Delta when I was twenty years old for a couple of very good reasons: 1) I had no real plans for my life and being a flight attendant seemed like a fun thing to do and 2) 5 years earlier Delta saved my brother’s life. Long story short, my brother was bitten by a moccasin; the hospital ran out of anti-venom serum; Delta flew the serum in free of charge. So there was no doubt Delta was the only airline for me.

What I didn’t know then was the richness I would find over the years. What I didn’t know then was how loyal Delta would be to me, even when I wasn’t doing my best….and yes, I have had my difficulties. What I didn’t know then was through the industry downturns, bankruptcy, and recovery how focused Delta would be on me, as a frontline employee, as an individual in the rebuilding of our company. 46 years later I am proud to be part of Delta, sure of the strength of my company, and truly believe in the culture of “service from the heart.”

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