Group of UA Flight Attendants Launch Effort to Replace AFA

A group of United flight attendants have registered a new independent labor union, the United Flight Attendants Association (UFAA), with the stated goal of replacing the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA), the current representative of post-merger United and Continental flight attendants. UFAA organizers state: “Since the merger many – if not most – UAL flight attendants have become disillusioned and dissatisfied with AFA-CWA, which is not meeting our needs and has grown too big, too political, too autocratic and too expensive. … [O]ur dues money would be better used for our direct benefit versus supporting other airlines, paying for an expensive and bloated bureaucracy as well as organizational drives at other airlines. We can no longer afford to be represented by a top-down business union that is perpetuating itself off the sweat of our brows and the money in our wallets! It’s time for a change.” Under the Railway Labor Act, the UFAA organizers must present the NMB with authorization cards from at least 50% of the workgroup in order to seek an election. UA flight attendants have been negotiating a merged contract with management since August 2012.

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