IAM-Represented OpenSkies Flight Attendants Reject Tentative Agreement

On August 13, the IAM announced that its tentative agreement covering OpenSkies flight attendants had been rejected. The tentative agreement was reached after one year of negotiations.  This would have been the second contract since IAM was certified to represent the OpenSkies flight attendants in 2010.  The details of the tentative agreement were not released publicly.  Neither did IAM publish how many flight attendants participated in the vote or how many voted against the agreement.

OpenSkies is a British Airways subsidiary with approximately 50 US-based flight attendants and it is one of three flight attendant groups represented by the Machinists. The other two are regional carriers ExpressJet with approximate 2,100 flight attendants and CommutAir with approximately 100 flight attendants.  The CommutAir flight attendants ratified their first collective bargaining agreement in 2014, following nearly 7 years of negotiations.  The ExpressJet flight attendant have been negotiating a joint collective bargaining agreement following the ASA merger since 2011.

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