In my 19 years of flying for Delta Air Lines, I’ve never had a moment where I thought “I need protection”. When I was applying to the different airlines, Delta was my first choice… great routes and also union-free. Since my first day of training April 12th, 1999, I’ve always been proud to say I am part of Delta. What I have found throughout my career is that Delta has always taken care of me, Delta has always been there for me.

Let me start off by saying “I am pro-flight attendant”. I will always put my energy where it will make a positive impact in our work life. When I look at what we, the Delta flight attendants, have compared to other airlines, I cannot fathom why someone would want to bring a third party in to disrupt our relationship with our leaders. There is no guarantee that a third party can improve anything we have. Is everyday perfect? No, and there is always room for improvement. April 2017, a year ago we had an IROP situation in ATL that wasn’t fun for anyone. After that IROP, our feedback (through emails to our leaders, EIG, IFS360/SkyHub and also from the f/a’s participating in the Idea Exchange sessions) was a driver in implementing immediate enhancements to our work rules and communication. The effort to help us during IROP situations continues now with the IROP Improvement Submission Form and through the IROP Exchange Ideas sessions. I know that my voice and my opinion matters to Delta and to our leaders. I don’t need to pay a third party to represent me when I can do it myself.

If I felt that we needed someone to “protect” us, I would be for it, but we don’t. Look at the history we have at Delta, look at our culture and compare it to what other flight attendants at other unionized carriers have… it doesn’t compare. I look at what Delta is doing now to secure our profit sharing and our future, and it is amazing… our trajectory will skyrocket! No third party, no union that can guarantee that they can make anything better for the Delta flight attendants than what we already have. I’ve done my research and Delta always ends up on top. #DeltaProud #BDBD

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