More Furloughs for IAM Represented ExpressJet Flight Attendants

On Aug. 27, the IAM notified ExpressJet flight attendants that furloughs for legacy-ExpressJet (ERJ) flight attendants will begin Oct. 1, 2018. Additionally, on Aug. 28 the union announced that additional reductions would impact more flight attendants within ExpressJet’s CRJ operation (legacy-ASA).

While a specific number was not provided to the membership, the job losses are in addition to those previously announced in November 2017 and July 2018.

The IAM said it has failed to secure positions within the ERJ or CRJ operations for these impacted members as both areas within ExpressJet are currently experiencing staffing reductions.

IAM stated the length of the furlough is unknown and will depend on flying opportunities, pilot staffing, and flight attendant attrition.

Since the 2011 merger of Atlantic Southeast Airlines and ExpressJet holdings, flight attendants from those legacy carriers crew specific and respective aircraft types (CRJ and ERJ) and have remained on two separate seniority lists with different work rules and pay.

In July of this year, the majority of ExpressJet flight attendants rejected the IAM-supported tentative agreement which would have resulted in a combined seniority list.

ExpressJet CRJ Furlough Announcement: Aug. 28 – source IAM District Lodge 142

ExpressJet ERJ Furlough Announcement: Aug. 27– source IAM District Lodge 142

ExpressJet CRJ Furlough Announcement: Jul. 26 – source IAM District Lodge 142

ExpressJet Contract Ratification Results: Jul. 18 – source IAM District Lodge 142

ExpressJet ERJ Furlough Announcement: Nov. 30 – source IAM District Lodge 142

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