I was at a regional that had both AFA and IAM. Reps from both unions promise the moon and back. As soon as they were elected they stopped flying yet they would build a full schedule and drop the trips at the last minute for union business getting paid x2. Salaries bonuses were frozen while negotiations were underway. Now please tell me if the company was based in ATL why they had to go to Vegas for a week to discuss business? Guess who’s paying for it? Us.

Do you think you will ever see a 5% raise ever again? Forget it. You will be lucky to receive $1. Best of all as soon as you get that raise, the union raises their dues. Basically you will be working about 4-5 hrs xtra every month to pay union dues.

They will promise that you will never be stranded. That’s a lie. I can’t tell u the amount of times I was stranded at airports for 10+ hrs during IROP. Do u think any reps were on the line helping? Not at all. All their phones were off.

Is Delta perfect? Not yet. They are working on it. To me they are very close to it. I am blessed to have been hired. Blessed to be part of Delta.  #DeltaProud

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