NMB authorizes election expected to result in decertification of TWU at Allegiant

In December 2010, the Transport Workers Union (TWU) was elected to represent flight attendants at Allegiant. By July 2015, negotiations for a first contract were still on-going and flight attendants filed an application with the NMB seeking a second election, with the public goal of decertifying the TWU. The NMB will hold an election when it receives authorization cards from 50 percent of the workgroup. The TWU attempted to have the flight attendants’ application dismissed, alleging that some cards were not valid and that the carrier interfered. On January 6, 2016, the NMB denied TWU’s claim that some cards were not valid and refused to consider at this time whether the carrier had interfered. The flight attendant who filed the cards stated, “Although Allegiant4Me is happy with this news we remain focused on winning this important election, one that will impact the future of every Allegiant flight attendant for years to come. Allegiant’s flight dispatchers voted to end union representation earlier this year and now are enjoying the fruits of a direct relationship with management.” Voting opens on Jan. 28 and closes on Feb. 25, 2016.

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