Our Culture

Delta respects every employee’s right to support or not support representation by a third party. However, these organizations do not often share with you the facts or the risks and consequences of signing an A-Card, having an election, and becoming represented.

The decision to become represented by a third party would change the direct relationship that has made Delta the envy of the industry and fosters a culture of inclusiveness and ‘working together’ to run the best airline in the world.

Our Direct Relationship is Based on Mutual Respect

    And sustains a culture that provides a voice to:
  • Express concerns
  • Present ideas
  • Collaborate on solutions
  • Directly provide and receive feedback
    A direct relationship means:

  • No requirement to deal through a third party outsider
  • It’s free – no dues!


Rules Of The Road

Delta’s culture is founded upon strong core values and a clear set of unifying
behaviors. Rules of the Road outlines our core values:

  • Honesty – Always tell the truth
  • Integrity – Always keep your deals
  • Respect – Don’t hurt anyone
  • Perseverance – Try harder than all our competitors—never give up
  • Servant Leadership – Care for our customers, our community and each other

What’s at stake if you sign an A-card?

Signing an A-Card may help trigger an election

Once an election is called:

  • A union may be voted in by a minority of your workgroup
  • Changes to pay, benefits and work rules for your workgroup are effectively frozen until the election and appeals conclude – this often takes more than a year in large groups
Once a union is elected:

  • It’s almost impossible to go back to being non-union in a large group
  • In a first contract you don’t start from where you are and negotiate up – pay, benefits and work rules are subject to negotiations where both sides would need to agree
  • Initial contract negotiations often take years
  • No improvements are typically made until an initial contract is ratified
  • IAM airline contracts require you to pay dues or be terminated

Our culture and pay philosophy provide a leading package of total compensation, work rules and benefits – with none of the uncertainty, dues and tradeoffs of being in a union.

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