Delta Continues a Positive Trend

Delta is proud to give every full-time employee a 3% raise in 2018, continuing a very positive trend. This is the sixth pay increase in the past five years. Our culture of continuous improvement allows us to take care of our customers, take care of our people, and together make Delta a great place to work.

Best Total Pay

Compared to our global competitors American and United, Delta scores highest in total compensation, including profit sharing,* flight pay** and shared rewards.** For the average Delta flight attendant at the top-of-scale, profit sharing and shared rewards provided an additional 11.7% of pay for 2017.

*Profit Sharing calculated by applying actual profit sharing payout percentage times the top-of-scale base rate for a 960 hour year based on flight pay rates in effect during 2017.
**Hourly rates of pay include applicable maximum longevity. American’s rate includes the average of their customer service and ramp agent pay rates. ***Shared Rewards reflects the actual amount paid in 2017 and OAL payments for similar programs.

Our Direct Relationship Means More Generous Compensation

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