I am passionate about Delta’s culture because I cannot remember a time this airline was not a part of my life. My father retired from Delta and now I am blessed enough to be here. This is more than just an airline, it is a family. I get teary eyed thinking about the journey I traveled to get here and how Delta played such a significant role in my life. I was given six months to live 24 years ago and my father’s department at Delta loved and supported me and my family through this. I was on a COBRA when diagnosed so I lost my insurance when it ran out. My husband and I depleted all savings, retirement etc. while I was undergoing treatment in this battle. During this struggle his department did fundraisers to get me to Birmingham and UCLA medical center for case studies. I was given buddy passes from people I barely new so that friends and family could be with me while I went through my surgeries and treatment. One of the only things I could stomach during this time was the tiny little pretzels Delta used to serve on their flights. My dad asked his work family when they flew if they got pretzels would they bring them to me. Pretzels started rolling in!!!!!!!! They started arriving at my house in boxes!!!!!!!! You have no idea how chocked up I get thinking about these memories and the love and support I was given by the Delta family.

Years have passed and praise God, I am still here and STILL loving DELTA!!!! I had always wanted to be a “stewardess” (aging myself here) but there was a nepotism rule a Delta years back so I couldn’t apply. I didn’t dare take a job with another airline as my father wouldn’t hear of it because, “Delta is the best, they put food on our table.” Then my battle started and I fought for years. I worked other careers but always had a dream that wasn’t fulfilled. So, at an older age than most, I started applying for my dream job. I applied several times and did not receive a CJO, my sweet friend Alice Ramsey (30 year Delta FA) supported me all the way through the process. I worked seasonally at Delta for 2 seasons and knew I wanted to be a part of this family permanently. I applied for inflight again and this time my dream came true with this company that has supported me through so much in my life. I am thankful every day that I am able to carry on the legacy my father started and represent this great airline doing what I love. I have lived the Delta Difference !!!!!!!!!!!

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