I started my career with Delta one year ago to today (3/27/17). At age 52 Delta took a chance on me and I am so grateful. I had worked in the airline industry for approximately 10 years with a different airline on the ground. I wanted to share with the Delta difference I have experienced. In my 26 years of working (as a teacher, as a station manager, in a college and now at Delta) I have never worked for a company who, so very much, recognizes, supports and cares about its employees.

From the moment I found out I was hired at the Atlanta interview, Delta has celebrated me. Once training was completed, we had a terrific on-boarding team who made sure my transition was easy, my questions were answered, and that I knew I was supported. After six month of flying, Delta again celebrated that I had made it through probation by bringing my training class to Atlanta for a “homecoming” and to show me what Delta has to offer as I grow within the company.

During my first year of flying, the folks at Delta made sure that I knew I was supported. After a minor incident in flight that resulted in a return to ATL, I had three calls from different departments at Delta making sure I was comfortable and that I was alright. Never in my work history did I ever feel such caring from an employer. The support does not stop with just me. From hurricanes, wild fires, and floods Delta makes sure its employees and their families are cared for and safe. This is priceless and is not the standard in today’s workplace, but Delta has made it theirs. As I transferred bases, my old base assisted me with the transition, and my new base welcomed me and reached out to answer my questions and assist me.

Delta is a company that honors honesty, respects hard work, recognizes commitment, rewards its employees for a job well done and supports its employees as if they were family. I am proud to work for Delta Airlines and am grateful every day that they took a chance on me.


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