Spirit and AFA Reach a Third Tentative Agreement After 9 Years of Negotiations

On March 19, Spirit Airlines and the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) announced that they had reached a tentative agreement covering the airline’s 2200 flight attendants. The parties have been in negotiations since 2007, and this is their third tentative agreement. Two prior deals, both in 2014, were rejected by the flight attendants.

The last flight attendant pay scale increase at Spirit, in the amount of 2 percent, was in 2007 and put their top-of-scale rate (at 16 years) at $37.06. Spirit and AFA announced that this new five-year deal includes wage increases, among other improvements, but did not provide details.

The tentative agreement is being reviewed by the union’s leadership and, once approved, will be presented to the flight attendants for vote.

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