United Flight Attendants Approve First Contract Nearly 6 Years After Merger

On August 12, United flight attendants ratified their first contract nearly six years after the Continental merger.  The agreement was approved by a slim margin – 53% yes to 47% no, with over 90% participation.  The top-of-scale (TOS) pay rate (at 13 years) will be $62.00 effective Sept 1 and the scale will increase by 2% each year thereafter on the date-of signing anniversary until 2020.  Prior to this agreement the TOS rate for legacy UA flight attendants was $46.86 (31% less than DL) and for legacy CO flight attendants $52.53 (17% less than DL).  Delta’s TOS rate has been $61.28 since Dec. 1, 2015.  The profit sharing pool was decreased – previously, United shared 15% of profits with flight attendants.  That amount will be reduced to 10%, increasing to 20% for profits exceeding the prior year’s amount.  The five year agreement also includes changes to work rules, pay premiums, and other contract provisions.  United has indicated that although the agreement has been ratified it will likely take at least 18 months for flight attendants to fly together.

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