United/Continental Flight Attendants Reach First TA Nearly 6 Years After Merger

On June 24, United and the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) announced that they had reached their first tentative agreement (TA) covering the combined 25,000 flight attendants of legacy United, Continental and Continental Micronesia. The announcement came nearly six years after the United/Continental merger closed.

If the TA is ratified by flight attendants, the top-of-scale (TOS) pay rate (at 13 years) will be $62.00. The scale will increase by 2% each year thereafter, on the date-of-signing anniversary, until 4 years after date-of-signing (2020). The current TOS rates at legacy CAL and legacy UA are $52.53 and $46.86, respectively. The Delta TOS rate has been $61.28 since December 1, 2015.

The 5-year deal also includes changes to work rules, pay premiums, and other contract provisions. AFA has stated that there is no “signing bonus” because a signing bonus would have decreased the amount available for compensation. 

While AFA has stated that the TA includes profit sharing, it has not yet provided information regarding the profit sharing formula. Currently, the UA profit sharing plan for flight attendants provides for a 15% profit sharing pool for adjusted pre-tax earnings over $10 million. The 2016 pay-out under this plan was 13%.

AFA has announced that full TA language will be published by July 11, 2016. The voting period will run from July 15 to August 12.

In the meantime, the group of flight attendants seeking to decertify AFA has announced that their efforts to collect authorization cards for an election continue.


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