I have had a passion for Delta from day one.  I am former NW and I have to say for the past 9 years this is the first time I feel respected by my company, I feel Delta management listens and cares about our questions and concerns.  We were not treated very well at NW it’s nice feeling I finally have a name vs a number.  I love having the opportunity to utilize Deltas open door policy when ever needed.  Either my FSM or upper management.  I love everything that Delta is about from supporting habitat for humanity to BCRF and getting ready to pull a 757 at the Jet Drag in support of the American cancer society.

Don’t forget Feb 14th Happy Valentine’s Day and a big profit sharing check as well Delta shares with its employees the earnings we made throughout the year.  I love the numerous opportunities that exist, doing special assignments from the outstanding training center to being a PBS assist to peer support.

The culture is truly amazing how we take care of each other during good and bad times.

Getting new uniforms also make you feel pretty darn special can’t wait to sport our new Passport Plum and Graphite Gray to the world in May.  I feel pretty special to be part of the IFS team and look forward to many more wonderful years here at Delta Air Lines.

I love the saying choose a job that you love and it’s not like working a day of your life and that’s exactly how I feel working here at Delta.  Here’s to working for the Best Air Line in the world with outstanding employees and a great leadership team.

Let’s keep climbing friends.

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